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Afrodisc.com - update 22 January 2020- Afrodisc.com -mise à jour du 22 janvier 2020

www.afrodisc.com  has been updated with 135 discs added to the Congolese Opika label including many West African artists (Senegal, Mali, Cote d'Ivoire , Ghana, Bénin og Nigeria).

Queenophone and EMI's West African series on His Master's Voice, Parlophone and Odeon have been updated including additional information on language, style of music and matrix numbers.


Internet resources

On 1 April 2019 Kin Nostalgie disappeared from the internet. The site featured discographies of many of the new generation of Congolese bands from the 1970s into the 2000s.

However, copies of the discographies can still be accessed from afrodisc.com as PDF files. Links to another 3 discographical sites have also been added:

Ndiakhass with 975+ cassettes and 220+ Senegalese albums.

AfricOriginal with discographies of 20+ bands and artists, including links to YouTube.

Makossa Original with discographies of 70+ Cameroonian artists and bands.

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